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Warming Gloves & Blankets

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1 Full-Finger Gloves - Air Activated Heating (SKU: 5537)Full-Finger Gloves - Air Activated Heating (SKU: 5537)Air Activated Heating Full-Finger Gloves Traction grips on palms, index fingers, and thumbs; snug fitting cuffs keep the heat where it’s needed
2 Heated Stadium Blankets - Air Activated Heating (SKU: 5511)Heated Stadium Blankets  - Air Activated Heating (SKU: 5511)Air Activated Heating Heated Stadium Blankets 4’ x 6’ (1.2m x 1.8m) fleece blanket Keep two people warm at sporting events; excellent winter emergency blanket to keep on hand in all types of vehicles
3 Seat Cushions - Air Activated Heating (SKU: 5539)Seat Cushions - Air Activated Heating (SKU: 5539)Air Activated Heating Seat Cushions Deliver warmth and comfort while sitting at sporting events, and for people in wheelchairs
4 Sport Gloves (SKU: 5535)Sport Gloves (SKU: 5535)Air Activated Heating Sport Gloves Water proof glove w/palm and thumb grips for traction; snug fitting cuffs keep the cold out and warm in Soft, durable, w/one (1) built-in Mini/Hand Warmer pocket on the back of each glove