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Cool Fit Kit

Cool Fit Kit
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Live well, be fit, and stay cool with our CoolFit® Kit! Includes our best cooling accessories for before, during, and after exercise.

Save Money with a Cooling Kit!

How does it work? 
  • Frozen water-based cooling packs fit into insulated pockets in vests and accessories.
  • Non-toxic and chemical-free Kool Max® cooling packs are made of biodegradable materials.
  • Packs are reusable and should last for years with proper care and storage. 
  • To use, place the packs in the freezer until they are frozen solid.
Cooling your body before, during, and after
exercising helps decrease the adverse
effects from heat and improves performance!

Commonly used for:
  • Staying cool during sports, outdoor activity or work in hot conditions
  • Multiple Sclerosis heat sensitivity
  • Intolerance to heat (neurological or physical)
  • Mascots or costumes 
CoolFit® Kit (#CFK) includes:
  • Kool Max® Secrets Vest (#KMS)
    • Uses four (4) 4.5" x 6" Kool Max® Packs
  • Kool Max® Deluxe Cooling Neck Tie (#KMDNT)*
    • Uses one (1) 3" x 18" Kool Max® Packs
  • Pair of Kool Max® Wrist Wraps (#KMW Pair Set)
    • Each wrap uses one (1) 3" x 6" Kool Max® Pack
  • Pair of Kool Max® Ankle Wraps (#KMA Pair Set)
    • Each wrap uses two (2) 3" x 6" Kool Max® Pack
  • A complete extra set of Kool Max® Packs for each product! Keep the extra set in the freezer or a cooler, so they are ready when you are.
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