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Press Release Introducing HYPERKEWL

 how it works evaporative cooling
 March 12, 2009 – is proud to be offering Product’s from TechNiche International, North America’s leading designer and manufacturer of climate control apparel, introduces their latest product enhancement to help Motorcyclists avoid heat stress and improve comfort.  TechNiche International’s Evaporative Cooling Vests now include the Brand label HyperKewlTM.  Made with our HyperKewlTM Fabric, this new generation of cooling vests doesn’t leave a sticky residue when hydrated.   HyperKewlTM vests are easy to use.  Just submerge the entire garment in water for 1-2 minutes.  The polymer-embedded fabric (PEF) traps the water and, over time, slowly releases moisture as air flows over the vest.  This release of moisture through evaporation is how the cooling effect is achieved.


For those motorcyclists who ride in hot weather, the new and improved HyperKewlTM Evaporative Cooling Sport Vests and Accessories will provide enhanced cooling comfort.  This new Fluid Management Fabric enables users to quickly hydrate their garments to achieve hours of cooling relief.  The garments will stay hydrated for several hours and can be re-activated by simply submerging the unit in water.  TechNiche International’s Evaporative Cooling Vests and Accessories are available in a range of styles, colors & sizes. currently offers four specific products for Motorcycle enthusiasts: 

HyperKewlTM Sport Vests
Product # 6529
Colors: Silver, Black, Hi Viz Lime, Royal Blue, Khaki, Marine Desert Digital, Army ACU Digital

HyperKewlTM Skull Cap
Product # 6536
Colors: USA Flag, Marine Desert Digital, Army ACU Digital, Black, Royal Blue

HyperKewlTM Neck Band
Product # 6519
Colors: USA Flag, Marine Desert Digital, Army ACU Digital, Royal Blue

HyperKewlTM Deluxe Sport Vest
Product # 6530
Colors: Black, Royal Blue, Hi Viz Lime, Silver

Evaporative Cooling Sport Vests, Deluxe Vests, Skull Caps, and Neck Bands are only available through our national network of Motorcycle Dealers.  Call us at 866-403-6708 or visit our website ( to learn more.  Ride Safe … Ride HyperKewlTM!