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Evaporative Motorcycle Cooling Vest

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Don’t let the weather outside ruin your ride!



Ms Cooling offers a wide range of products for Motorcyclists:

 A selection of body cooling for the motorcycle rider. Evaporative cooling and phase changing cooling are available in cooling vest, cooling head bandana's for under the helmet. Cooling safety vest in orange for better visiablity. We have added waming apparel for motorcycle riders. Heated gloves and helmet liners. Warming vest in fleece with reuseable inserts.

Evaporative Cooling products keep motorcyclists cool, comfortable, and protected from heat stress. The garments are made using Polymer Embedded Fabric (PEF), which keeps you cool through evaporation. Just submerge the product in water for 1 to 3 minutes, give it a quick squeeze, and put it on. It will keep you cool for 5 to 10 hours.

Air Activated Heating products protect bikers from the discomfort and hazards of the cold. Specially designed fleece garments feature built-in pockets that hold Air Activated Warmers and deliver steady heat. The Warmers heat to approximately 137 degrees F (58 degrees C), and stay that way for up to 16 hours. No electrical plugs are needed!

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If you are searching for motorcycle cooling apparel, you have come to the right place.

Feel free to browse our selection of cooling apparel. Each motorcycle vest is offered at affordable prices. When it comes to motorcycle cooling apparel, we are your experts.