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Evaporative Motorcycle Cooling Vest

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Ms Cooling offers a wide range of products for Motorcyclists:

 A selection of body cooling for the motorcycle rider. Evaporative cooling and phase changing cooling are available in cooling vest, cooling head bandana's for under the helmet. Cooling safety vest in orange for better visiablity. We have added waming apparel for motorcycle riders. Heated gloves and helmet liners. Warming vest in fleece with reuseable inserts.

Evaporative Cooling products keep motorcyclists cool, comfortable, and protected from heat stress. The garments are made using Polymer Embedded Fabric (PEF), which keeps you cool through evaporation. Just submerge the product in water for 1 to 3 minutes, give it a quick squeeze, and put it on. It will keep you cool for 5 to 10 hours.

Air Activated Heating products protect bikers from the discomfort and hazards of the cold. Specially designed fleece garments feature built-in pockets that hold Air Activated Warmers and deliver steady heat. The Warmers heat to approximately 137 degrees F (58 degrees C), and stay that way for up to 16 hours. No electrical plugs are needed!

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IonGearTM Battery Powered Heating Jacket (SKU: 5690)IonGearTM Battery Powered Heating Jacket 5690 Designed to allow for maximum user mobility, this jacket runs off of an intelligent Lithium Ion battery. All heating elements are completely removable making jacket cleaning easy and safe. With 5 available temperature settings you can keep warm for up to 12 hours.

IonGear Battery Powered Heating Technology

Key Benefits

IonGear™ Battery Powered Electric Heating Vest (SKU: 5627)Electric Heating Vest ( Battery operated) -Deluxe Includes battery and heating elements.

IonGear Battery Powered Heating Technology

Key Benefits

HYPERKEWL Evaporative Cooling Deluxe Sport Vests w/Sleeves (SKU: 6532)High collar w/detachable sleeves, hook & loop neck closure, front pockets, and zipper closure combine to offer the ultimate cooling and sun protection solution
HYPERKEWL Evaporative Cooling Sport Vests w/Sleeves (SKU: 6533)

6533 HyperKewl Evaporative Cooling Sport Vest w/Sleeves

Evaporative Cooling Kit-Scull Cap-SC (SKU: EV Cooling Kit-SC)These garments harness the COOLING ENERGY that is produced when water naturally evaporates. Our cooling garments are activated by simply submersing it in water for 1 to 3 minutes then gently wring out excess water and it is ready to wear.
HYPERKEWL Evaporative Cooling Deluxe Sport Vests (SKU: 6530)High collar w/hook & loop neck closure for additional cooling relief and sun protection, handy front pockets, and zipper closure; designed especially for bikers
ThermaFur™ Ultra Fleece Vests (SKU: 5529)Soft, durable, combination softshell and fleece shell w/black cotton-poly elastic trim, and a total of eight (8) built-in Body Warmer pockets – four (4) front, four (4) back – for all around body comfort
HYPERKEWL Evaportive Cooling Standard Sport Vests (SKU: 6529)Evaporative Cooling Standard Sport Vests Simple V-neck w/ zipper closure; work for a wide range of people and uses
Sport Gloves (SKU: 5535)Air Activated Heating Sport Gloves Water proof glove w/palm and thumb grips for traction; snug fitting cuffs keep the cold out and warm in Soft, durable, w/one (1) built-in Mini/Hand Warmer pocket on the back of each glove
Deluxe Neck Wrap with phase change insert (SKU: 6620)Phase Change Cooling Deluxe Neck Bands Hook & loop closure for a lower profile fit 100% cotton (excluding insert) Royal Blue
Phase Change Cooling Crown Cooler (SKU: 6622)Phase Change Crown Cooler fits in your hat to keep you cool Hook & loop attaches easily to hard hat liner (hard hat not included) Royal Blue
ThermaFur™ Softshell Neck Warmer (SKU: 5522-S)Wrap around with hook and loop fastening for a secure fit, covers neck, chin and nose.
HYPERKEWL Evaporative Cooling Hi-Viz Baseballcap (SKU: 6595)
Neck band with phase change insert (SKU: 6619)Standard Neck Band Insert Phase Change Neck Band Tie fasten including Phase Change pack. Royal Blue Neck band with phase3 change inserts included
ThermaFurTM Hats -Air Activated Heating (SKU: 5524)ThermaFurTM Hats -Air Activated Heating Hats Give heads a break from winter; keep vital body heat in where it belongs
Full-Finger Gloves - Air Activated Heating (SKU: 5537)Air Activated Heating Full-Finger Gloves Traction grips on palms, index fingers, and thumbs; snug fitting cuffs keep the heat where it’s needed
Evaporative Cooling Beanie (SKU: 6522)Designed to keep you cool in intense heat situations, our beanie can be worn alone or under a hat. Great for road and utility crews. Adjustable elastic and Velcro� closure for one size fits all. Hand washable, 100% cotton. Great for road and utility crews.
Evaporative Cooling Skull Caps (SKU: 6536)Evaporative Cooling Skull Caps Tie fasten in back ensures a comfortable fit for all Provide 5-10 hours of cooling relief per soaking; lightweight, durable and washable
Evaporative Cooling Deluxe Neck Wrap (SKU: 6520)Cooling Deluxe Neck Band - Velcro Low profile hook & loop closure; ideal for use under uniforms Royal Blue * One Size
ThermaFur™ Softshell Ear Bands (SKU: 5523-S)Softshell soft, durable, 100% poly-fleece w/black cotton-poly elastic trim, and a built-in Mini/Hand Warmer pocket over each ear
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