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Cooling vest to help fight heat stress !

Welcome to the one stop shop for all your body cooling needs. We have chosen the Best quality cooling vest and accessories. You will have the coolest items around. We have all your body cooling needs!  Mscooling offers a complete line of different types of cooling vest and the cooling hats and neck wraps too. We even offer them in cooling system kits. If, you can’t find the cooling products that fit your work environment or temperature sensitive needs please contact us.

Our cooling products are specifically designed to help the body lessen in the impact of environmental heat conditions.  Our cooling systems offer relief to people with multiple sclerosis and other conditions that cause heat intolerance. Cooling vest are used by surgeons, the military, the police, firefighters, race car drivers, sports teams, mascots & in costumes also many industrial applications. 

MsCooling Climate Control Apparel

NEW Improved Circulatory Cooling :; Active Cooling VestNEW Improved Circulatory Cooling :; Active Cooling VestOur Circulatory Cooling :: Active Body Cooling System offers a highly effective way to provide convenient and controlled cooling to the body by circulating cool water throughout the vest. Warming apparelWarming apparelAir Activated Heating Vests with HEAT PAX Body Warmers deliver a total of 16 hours of warmth. They are an effective defense against the cold. Heating can be suspended at any time by resealing the inserts in an airtight container or plastic bag.
Canine Cooling ProductsCanine Cooling ProductsHyperKewl Evaporative Cooling for your pets Equine ProductsEquine ProductsOur cooling products for horses use the same cutting-edge technology behind our successful cool vests used by many top athletes.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We pride ourselves on building a strong reputation thats,

why we offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Do you know someone who could  use a better quality of life?  Industrial workers, emergency responders such as FIRE FIGHTERS, and sports athletes can benefit from our cooling neck wraps. We even have cooling attire for motorcycle riders. Military Cooling has a complete selection of cooling attire and head and neck cooling.

We have something for everyone would could benefit from climate control products.

Come back often,We are always adding NEW cooling attire send us your ideas or need and we will do our best to deliver.

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Notice our extensive line of personal cooling products and MS Cooling vest products.

If you have been looking for cooling apparel, body cooling devices or ways to fight stress, you will find we have what you need. We offer a variety of body cooling vest items, neck cooling bands, motorcycle vest cooling apparel, instant heat packs and so much more! When it comes to systemic body cooling, we are your experts. Take a look around our site and find the heating cooling accessories that best suit your style and needs.