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Electric Vest Instructions

Electric Vest Instructions:
Charging the Battery
• connect the battery to the AC/DC charger and plug the charger into any standard
electrical outlet
• the battery must continuously charge for a minimum of four hours during its initial charge
• the LED light on the charger will indicate red when the battery is being charged and will indicate green once the batteries are
fully charged
• the battery/controller unit will display the actual battery charge status using numeric digits 0-9
0 – Completely Discharged
9 – Fully Charged

Connecting the System
• once fully charged, insert the battery/controller into the reinforced battery pocket (front,
lower, inside, left hand side)
• insert the InfraRed Heating Elements into the internal pockets and close using hook/loop closure
(the front right element will need to slide through the back pocket in order for all the heating elements to fit properly.)
• connect the InfraRed Heating Element wire into the battery/controller unit

Using the Electric Heating Vest
• push the “ON” button on the battery/controller for 1 second to turn on the system
• adjust the temperature settings by pressing the “UP” and “DOWN” arrows
• temperature specifications are as follows:
SETTING Temperature Approximate Duration
on Full Charge
Level 1 86°F/30°C 12 hours
Level 2 104°F/40°C 10 hours
Level 3 122°F/50°C 8 hours
Level 4 140°F/60°C 6 hours
Level 5 158°F/70°C 4 hours
• to turn the battery/controller off, press the “OFF” button for 2 seconds

Re-charging the Battery
• remove the battery from the vest, connect it to the AC/DC charger and plug the charger into any standard electrical outlet
• charging is complete once the LED indicates green

Battery Specifications:

Voltage 7.4V
Capacity 4400mAh
Input DC8.4V 1200mA
Output Max 15W
Output LED Settings 1-5 (low-high)
Resistance Load 4&Mac189; - 100 &Mac189;
Efficiency of Output Power > = 98%
Charge LED Settings 0-9 (empty-full)
Expected Battery Life 700 charge cycles
Approvals CE, TUV, UL, CCC