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Cooling Vest

What is the difference between the many body cooling systems available?

There are many different cooling products available and the best one for you depends on your personal situation, activity and environment. We manufacture all types of cooling systems and are uniquly positioned to give you the advantages...and the limitations!

Evaporative Cooling:
Key Advantages: Light weight, low cost, excellent cooling in dry climates, cools for many hours
Key Limitations: Requires soaking the garment in water, poor performance in high humidity climates, lowest overall cooling energy.

Cold pack cooling
Key Advantage: Very high cooling energy for moderate cost, light to moderate weight, effective cooling in all climates, cools for up to 4 hours
depending on environmental conditions, may be used under clothing.
Key Limitations: Requires access to a freezer and time for the packs to freeze

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Phase Change Cold Pack Cooling:
Key Advantage: Controlled release of a constant temperature of 58 degrees F, packs may be recharged in ice water, no freezer required, effective cooling in all climates. Cools for up to 3 hours.
Key Limitations: Total cooling power is less than cold pack systems, weight a bit higher and cost higher.

Active Cooling
Key Advantage: Most effective deep cooling, adjustable cooling, light weight vest and provides extended cooling between reservoir charges. The system will provide many hours of cooling before the ice and water needs to be recharged.
Key Limitations
: High cost, tethered system that requires power and an ice water reservoir.       

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A Summary of the Systems
Cooling Power: Low*
        Cost: Very Low
(*depending on humidity and outside variables)
Cold packs
Cooling Power: High               Cost: Low to Medium
Phase Change
Cooling Power:  Medium
        Cost:   Medium  
Active Cooling
Cooling Power: Very High
 Cost:  High to Very High

Cooling Vest

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Evaporative Cooling Kits -HYPERKewl  A Great Value!Evaporative Cooling Kits -HYPERKewl A Great Value!1-Cooling Vest 1-Cooling Deluxe neck Wrap 1-Cooling Baseball Cap khaki 1-Pair-Cooling Wrist Wraps S M L XL XXL XXXL
Body Cooling Vest , zipper frontBody Cooling Vest , zipper frontKool Max Zipper Front Vest The lightweight Kool Max Zipper Front Vest (KMVZ) efficiently and effectively cools the body in any environment, under or over clothes.
The Kool Max® Poncho VestThe Kool Max® Poncho VestOne of our most popular cooling vests! The Kool Max Poncho Cooling Vest (KMV) is an effective and comfortable way to cool the body. Lightweight and comfortable design Simple and unisex design. Lightweight vest weighs just 4.5 lbs. with all packs included. Weight may be adjusted by varying the number of cooling packs used. This is an excellent vest for wearing under clothing or costumes. Exterior of the vest has clean, neat appearance without logos.
TECHKEWL Phase Change  Body Cooling VestTECHKEWL Phase Change Body Cooling Vest

TechKewl Phase Change Cooling Garments Passive Cooling Garments that release long lasting,58 degrees F temperature specific, cooling energy. # V-neck w/zipper closure; hook & loop girth adjustments # 100% cotton (excluding inserts) # Royal Blue

Evaporative & Phase Change Cooling Military VestEvaporative & Phase Change Cooling Military VestMilitary Cooling Vest Combination Military Phase Change / Evaporative Vest. Vests are velcro adjustable at the sides and fasten in the front with a zipper. Desert Camo * M, L, XL, 2XL * Include one (1) set of Phase Change Cooling Military Vest Inserts (7065)