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Body Cooling Vest , zipper frontBody Cooling Vest , zipper frontKool Max Zipper Front Vest The lightweight Kool Max Zipper Front Vest (KMVZ) efficiently and effectively cools the body in any environment, under or over clothes.
Complete Kool Max Cooling System Kit with zipper frontComplete Kool Max Cooling System Kit with zipper front1 - KMVZ BODY COOLING VEST with zipper1 - KMNC COOLING NECK WRAP2 - KMW COOLING WRIST WRAP
Cool Fit KitCool Fit KitLive well, be fit, and stay cool with our CoolFit® Kit! Includes our best cooling accessories for before, during, and after exercise.
Cooling neck Collar w/ kool packsCooling neck Collar w/ kool packsKool Max™ Cooling Neck Wrap (#KMNC) features:
  • Three (3) segmented 3" x 9" Kool Max™ Packs
    Cooling wrist wraps and an extra set of packsCooling wrist wraps and an extra set of packsThe Pair of Kool Max Cooling Wrist Wrap (KMW Pair ) is a lightweight and comfortable way to cool you down.
    Extension Kit for KMVExtension Kit for KMV
    EXTRA SET FOR TORSOSet of six (6) segmented 4.5" x 12" Kool Max Cooling Packs •Compatible with the Kool Max Torso Vest•Reusable, non-toxic, water-based cooling packs.
    KMT TORSO SYSTEMKMT  TORSO SYSTEMTORSO SYSTEM Ideal for use underneath mascot costumes. Includes 6 cooling packs
    Kool Max Poncho Vest System KitKool Max Poncho Vest System  KitVest, neck collar and 2 wrist wraps Extra set of packs for vest , neck collar and wrist wraps
    Kool Max Slim Torso VestKool Max Slim Torso VestSKU: KMVTS Low-profile, lightweight Kool Max Slim Torso Vest (KMVTS) will cool the body while allowing maximum freedom of movement. One size will fit most!
    Kool Max® Secrets VestKool Max® Secrets Vest
    Pair of Kool Max® Cooling Ankle & Foot WrapsPair of Kool Max® Cooling Ankle & Foot Wraps
    Soft-Sided Polar CoolerSoft-Sided Polar Cooler
    Our Soft-Sided Polar Cooler keeps your packs frozen on the go! 
    Price: $35.00

    The Kool Max® Poncho VestThe Kool Max® Poncho VestOne of our most popular cooling vests! The Kool Max Poncho Cooling Vest (KMV) is an effective and comfortable way to cool the body. Lightweight and comfortable design Simple and unisex design. Lightweight vest weighs just 4.5 lbs. with all packs included. Weight may be adjusted by varying the number of cooling packs used. This is an excellent vest for wearing under clothing or costumes. Exterior of the vest has clean, neat appearance without logos.