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Athlete sport enthusiast

Enhance your performance by keeping your core cooler, runners, hikers, bike riders, soccer players. All sport enthusiast  of all ages can enjoy being cooler while being in the GREAT outdoors.

The sports fans can also use body cooling products while in the stands. The cooling neck wrap or baseball caps are a real easy and fashionable ways to stay cooler.

The cooling vest can be worn under uniforms or mascot costumes, even the coaches, umpires and referees need cooling vest under their uniforms. These cooling products help fight heat stress and fatigue. Can make playing or watching the game lots more fun!

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HyperKewl Evaporative Cooling Neck BandHyperKewl Evaporative Cooling Neck BandEvaporative Cooling Neck Bands Economical and effective; tie fasten for comfort
Evaporative Cooling Deluxe Neck WrapEvaporative Cooling Deluxe Neck WrapCooling Deluxe Neck Band - Velcro Low profile hook & loop closure; ideal for use under uniforms Royal Blue * One Size
Wrist Wraps BandsWrist Wraps BandsWrist Bands Evaporative Cooling Wrist Wraps * Lower overall body temperature by using on wrists; hook & loop closure for custom fit * Comfortable, quilted nylon outer w/polymer embedded fabric inner, water-repellant nylon liner, black cotton-poly elastic trim, and hook & loop attachments * Royal Blue * One Size
HYPERKEWL Evaporative Cooling Crown CoolerHYPERKEWL Evaporative Cooling Crown CoolerEvaporative Cooling Crown Cooler On the job heat stress management; hook & loop attaches easily to hard hat liner (hard hat not included)
HYPERKEWL Evaportive Cooling Standard Sport VestsHYPERKEWL Evaportive Cooling Standard Sport VestsEvaporative Cooling Standard Sport Vests Simple V-neck w/ zipper closure; work for a wide range of people and uses
Personal Hydration SystemsPersonal Hydration SystemsPersonal Hydration GULPZ™ Personal Hydration Systems Hands-free convenience
Cooling neck Collar w/ kool packsCooling neck Collar w/ kool packsKool Max™ Cooling Neck Wrap (#KMNC) features:
  • Three (3) segmented 3" x 9" Kool Max™ Packs
    Body Cooling Vest , zipper frontBody Cooling Vest , zipper frontKool Max Zipper Front Vest The lightweight Kool Max Zipper Front Vest (KMVZ) efficiently and effectively cools the body in any environment, under or over clothes.
    Cool Fit KitCool Fit KitLive well, be fit, and stay cool with our CoolFit® Kit! Includes our best cooling accessories for before, during, and after exercise.
    Cooling wrist wraps and an extra set of packsCooling wrist wraps and an extra set of packsThe Pair of Kool Max Cooling Wrist Wrap (KMW Pair ) is a lightweight and comfortable way to cool you down.

    Looking for great prices on active cooling vests?

    Feel free to browse our selection of personal cooling products. All of our active cooling vests are offered at affordable prices. If you are looking for cooling vests, you will find we have what you need.

    Alberto Contador, prefers our TechNiche’s #4531

    Hybrid Cooling vest 4531 Alberto Contador, prefers Our TechNiche’s #4531 for pre and post race cooling.